Archaeology is Not a Popular Profession but it Still Remains Relevant to Modern Life

Long gone are the days when most people thought of exploring the Earth and discovering new “worlds”. For the most part, the Earth has been settled. There are only a few places left on the Big Blue Marble where humanity has not left its footprint. Modern people think about the past from time to time, but they don’t dwell on it. This is one reason why the profession of archaeology has faded. While it has not completely gone away, it no longer is a huge career choice for many people. Still, this profession is as important today as it was in the past.

Archaeologists Are Important for Historical Discovery

On the surface it might seem like humanity has climaxed in its search for past civilizations and first- hand knowledge of ancient times. However, this is not true. According to Wikipedia, there has been at least 20 recorded major archaeological finds in 2018. These finds include a sphinx found at the Temple of Kom Ombo located near Aswan, Egypt and the discovery of a U.S. Navy light cruiser called the USS Juneau (CL-52). This ship had been sunk in battle in 1942 and no one could find it since then. These discoveries (and many more like them) only prove that archaeology is still important in modern times. Even though this profession has lost its mass appeal, the need for archaeologist remains.

What Do Archaeologists Really Do When They Go to Work Every Day?

Many people wrongly assume that archaeologists spend all their time searching for lost artifacts and forgotten people groups. Only a small portion of archaeologists do this on a regular basis. The area of cultural resource management or CRM employs the vast majority of archaeologists. CRM positions are important for companies that deal with excavations and laws related to this field. A CRM agent ensures that companies that operate in this field are doing so within the boundaries of federal and state regulations. The Society of American Archaeology also states that archaeologists work in various occupation within museums, public lands, universities and colleges. They sometimes form their own companies and they can also conduct field and research activities.

How is Archaeology Useful in Modern Times?

Archaeology is still necessary work because modern people are still discovering the past. The technology and science related to excavation has increased dramatically. Since it has, people are finding out more than ever about the lives that previous generations on the Earth. Many modern archaeology images are being included in school history books.

Many finds are also helping modern humanity to change previous notions about the past. With new discoveries come a new way with addressing how people lived. This is especially true for people who did not live quite so well in the past. Archaeology can help societies to avoid some of the mistakes that previous people groups made, which led to their downfall.

Ultimately, archaeology is not going to completely fade away. However, this field is not something that most people choose to do in life. Some archaeologists assert that this career is a calling and not just something someone does as a regular job. With fewer applicants trying to work in this career, many archaeologists are committed to their work and they do this job with a passion.


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