Why you should buy local food

People are becoming more concerned with where their food comes from these days. This is especially true of those individuals that are health conscious and perhaps put on their favorite Football Kits, like the ones you can find at www.kitking.co.uk, or other gym kits and head off out for a fitness session during the week. Before, we were relatively content to purchase everything we needed from supermarkets but following food health scares, increasingly shoppers are turning to locally sourced and ethical alternatives. So, what are the benefits of buying and eating food that has been grown locally? Visit this site to find the nearest local food spots to you.

Safe Supply

Logistically, if food has travelled across the world to reach you, there are far more occasions where things could go wrong. The further the travel distance, the higher the risk of contamination. Locally grown food doesn’t travel so offers a safer food supply option. You know where it was grown, who grew it and how it was produced. Knowing the supplier makes all the difference when it comes to confidence in what you’re feeding your family.


Straight from the field and into the farm shop, you know that what you’re buying is at its most fresh and nutritious. Food products from supermarkets could have been sitting in cold storage for a number of weeks so its nutritional value might be dubious. Eating foods that are in season and at their peak is much better for your health. Once you’ve bought all this wonderfully fresh food, you’ll want to do something extra special with it.

Environmentally Friendly

By supporting your local farmers, not only are you boosting your local economy but you are ensuring that farmers are less likely to sell up their land to developers. The landscape is being protecting, which includes precious local wildlife too. Locally produced goods have not been shipped or flown across the globe so have a much smaller carbon footprint that goods that have been transported in this way.

Local Economy

Spending locally means an investment in farming and families near to you. Buying local food means you are putting money back into your own community, not lining the pockets of the fat cat corporations. If it’s important to you where your money goes then you’ll be happier buying locally sourced goods.


The rise in popularity of locally sourced food and farmers markets provides a much greater sense of community. Suddenly, the food you eat is connecting you to people who live nearby. Instead of one connection with a supermarket, you can source different food from different shops and make more acquaintances. When we get to know people, they tend to help us more and know what we like, so we get a better service.


When produce is fresh, it contains more nutrients. As soon as a fruit or vegetable is picked, it begins to lose nutritious value so the sooner we eat it, the better. With locally sourced food, we can enjoy more of the vitamins such as B,E,A and C. You’ll also be purchasing food that has been given its optimum growing time. Local farmers let their fruit and veg ripen for longer, sometimes to a fully ripened state which adds to their rich nutritional value even further.

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