Petite Perfection: Style Essentials for any woman’s wardrobe

If you fall under the height of 5’3” you’re classed as petite, but there are no definite rules as to what shape or size you may be, which can often make it difficult when styling your wardrobe. However, there are a number of staple items that are must-haves and can be tailored to any shape, from gorgeous hourglasses to perfect pears.

Tops and Blouses

When it comes to finding tops and blouses for your wardrobe, there are a number of rules you should follow. Firstly, try to avoid anything that is either too baggy or too tight and choose ones that finish just over your waistband. If you tuck tops in, it can have the undesired effect of making your top half look even smaller, so exaggerate your height with a loose top.

To elongate your body even further, a V-neck is ideal, as this will create an illusion of height and you can add to this effect by teaming it up with a vertically striped or plain colour, which will also provide a slimmer look too.

Trousers and Jeans

One of the best ways for appearing taller is to wear fitted trousers, and women’s skinny designer jeans are ideal. To give the illusion of longer legs, try to find jeans that sit on your natural waistline, as any that fit on your hip can have the undesired effect of making your legs look short.

For an elegant and elongated look, match the colours of your trousers to your top, as this will create a slender, flattering style.

Jackets and Coats

It is crucial that your jacket fits you well when you’re petite, so try to source these from specialists. A style that really complements a petite figure is one that is short and cropped and finishes on your waistline. Anything that is square in style or boxy should be avoided, as this can make you look shorter.

Skirts and Dresses

The key to achieving the illusion of longer legs when wearing a skirt or dress is to opt for something that finishes just above the knee. Tapered styles are also great for enhancing your figure and are a much better option than anything that is loose fitting. Formal wear can be one of the hardest styles to find if you are of a petite frame. You can find some incredible Wedding Guest Dresses from companies such as that will fit this description and have you feeling a million dollars when you attend that special friend or family  members wedding.

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