How Erectile Dysfunction Hampers Life?

Some bodily disorders makes it’s really touch for a person to cope up with the social pressure. Since humans tend to live in a society and it’s a harsh reality that society has not been so kind with people who have disorders especially physical disorders. Society is still not mature enough to accept people on the basis of not how they look, behave or if have some disorders and rather make them feel like they belong to the society and they will get the respect.

Time and time again we hear people have been discriminated on the basis of their color, ethnicity and physical appearance. There are some physical disorders which are visible and makes it tough for the person to survive the societal discrepancy while there are some disorders which are not visible but the personal suffering from it cut himself from the society because he doesn’t think he belong to the society that expect everyone to be perfect.

Erectile dysfunction is one such embarrassing bodily disorder that directly hits the manhood of a person straight to the core. Men are known to provide sexual pleasure to their partner and should have everything what it takes to do so. But erectile dysfunction not only makes it quite embarrassing for the person but also tear apart his self-confidence.

If we analyze how deeply erectile dysfunction affects the life of a man on a scale of 1 to 10 then as per many opinions and surveys it could be anything lying between 8 to 10 on the scale. The seriousness of erectile dysfunction is not what a normal person can understand but it is a pathetic situation for the person going through it.

Erectile dysfunction is not something related to birth but there are many factors which can lead to its symptoms as the person age. A person can be suffering from erectile dysfunction if he is not been able to maintain erection sufficient enough to have sex. The cause behind erectile dysfunction is not always medical but it can be psychological.

This can directly be related with the hectic work life and stress levels of people these days. There can also be some underlying medical condition that affects the nerves or blood vessels which supply blood to the penis. Beside this the bad life style like consuming a lot of prescription drugs, alcohol, recreational drugs, smoking etc. can all contribute to erectile dysfunction.

Erectile dysfunction affects life of the sufferer in many ways:

It drastically affects the sexual life of the patient:

Sex is a recreational activity and it is one of the physical need of every human. But erectile dysfunction makes it difficult for the person to enjoy sex with his partner. Though people take help of generic Cialis but that is not the permanent solution. Cialis generic tend to help people enjoy sex life but other factors also have to be taken care of to eliminate erectile dysfunction.

It shatters the self-confidence of man:

Most male are proud of their manhood and if they cannot deliver in bed with their partner it directly shatters the self-confidence.

Generate stress:

Sex is a recreational activity and during it some hormones are released which gives the feeling of pleasure to people involved in sexual encounter. But if someone is deprived of sexual activity for a long time it generates stress and the person goes through drastic changes in his behavior also.

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