Wooden flowers-beauty of recent world

Man has always craved beauty in its surrounding. People have searched a lot in dark forests, in deep waters, and in raw pieces of land for something to feel better. Psychology has proved this in many theories that plants especially the flowers play a vital role in creating a positive impact on the mind. Even psychiatrists use different fragrances of flowers in aromatherapy. This is the reason why in the recent world, after recognizing the benefits of flowers, people have become involved in them more and more. But, since natural flowers do not last long, people have started making handmade flowers called wooden flowers because made from the bark of the tapioca tree after treating them. What magic it is! Because these flowers last longer than natural flowers and offer so many benefits, they are preferred nearly everywhere today. There is not a single reason that will make you avoid these sola wood flowers.

Great amusement for beauty lovers

A plant called “Aeschynomene Aspera” is the source of these flowers. They are commonly called as sola or shola around the world. It is mostly found in wild areas especially the marshy places and is it is very lightly weighed wood that we have known up till now. From this,  the wood is peeled off to gain its cream, cork-like from the central part of the tree.  The middle part is then made into thin sheets which are further taken and are used to create the wooden flowers by hand. This is an amazing reality! every single sola wood flower you see is made by the hands of craftsperson without machine usage.

Play with uniqueness

Because these sola wood flowers are much more than mere pieces of wood, you can try to make them far better by getting the perks of innovation in these manually created natural-looking flowers. Looks interesting? Yes, it is. You can even dye these wooden flowers while keeping certain precautions in your mind. This will add life to sola wood flowers and they can compete in beauty with the natural ones. For example, you can try to be artistic if you have even little information about colors. This will not only make them appealing but also will add up a million times in their value. There are many options you can try. You can use acrylic paints and some other things as well here to bring your flowers to reality and have fun with your mind full of creativity. You can use

  • Latex paint
  • Spray paint (it will take few days for smell of spray paint to get diminished)
  • Watercolor (sometimes they get removed)
  • Fabric Dye (this is very consistent unless and until something worst strike them)
  • Wine (It is even claimed that wine will give a perfect color your sola wood flowers)

Further, you can try to add fragrances of different types. They last from 3-6 months depending on what type you used on flowers.


Sola wooden flowers look quite simple yet you can try to innovate them as per your choice. They are no lesser than the natural flowers. It is not wrong to say even they have proved to perform amazingly many times better than naturally existing ones. So, do not wait, make plans to see the artist within you.

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