Peter Max – Bringing Vibrant Colors to The World with Pop Art

Pop art is one of the most popular forms of art in the USA and the UK for more than five decades. Both old and young people love the vibrant colors and styles that this form of art offers to the world. Pop art is seen on the covers of music albums and posters that are often kept as collectibles in rooms and studios.

Peter Max – Gifting amazing forms of pop art to the world

Peter Max is an inspirational artist in the field of pop art for over 50 years. If you look at his work, you will find he has created some really inspirational and iconic pieces of pop art for people across the world. He used pop art to express strong musical and social messages to the masses. He primarily covered the pop art scenario of 1960-1970s of the United States of America.

How did the journey begin?

His journey in the field of pop art started when he was a young child. His mom and dad encouraged him to embrace art as he was creative as a kid. He has been trained by some of the best artists in the world, and his works of art have been appreciated by millions of art lovers across the world. He has many loyal followers and fans on his Facebook profile, and he still loves to continue painting art on everything that inspires him. His work has several bold patterns, themes, and images. You will also find a cosmic influence on his works of art.

Notable works of art

He has been the official artist for six Grammy Awards, the Winter Olympics, The NHL, All-Star Game and the famous music reality show- The Voice in the USA. He loves to paint and draws inspiration from everything he sees. He loves to paint and put his ideas on canvas even after spending 50 years in the pop art world. His work has stolen hearts from across the globe. He was raised in Shanghai, and when he was young, he was influenced by a monastery in life. Later, he gained interest in astronomy and his later works of art; you can find astronomical bodies like the Sun, the Moon and the stars in his work.

His artwork and The Statute of Liberty Paintings

He is known for his Statute of Liberty paintings in more than 50 ways. Each of these paintings is different, and they have a distinct meaning. He was close to the popular music band The Beatles and has painted for them as well. Agents and representatives of eminent galleries and museums regularly hold his exhibitions regularly. They are appreciated by art lovers every time they are held.

Peter Max also spreads messages about protecting the globe and one of the biggest influencers in his life to save the planet is The Santa Barbara Oil Spill that took place in 1969. Since then, he paints and sends positive messages through his works of art of protecting the planet and the need for recycling waste matter to save the environment from further damage.

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