To Accept Or Not To Accept The Plea Bargain In A Criminal Case

Being arrested is the most terrifying and stressful experience. Following an arrest, things could move quickly causing more complications making it difficult to handle the situation. If you need help with your criminal defense case, do not hesitate to seek legal help.

Under so much pressure, it is often tempting to accept the first term of negotiation or settlement that the prosecutor makes. But, is it wise?

Under certain circumstances, it is wise to grab the first plea bargain. However, as with all sorts of negotiation, you need to be assured that it is the best deal before accepting it. Therefore, here is what you should sort out:

#1: Consult An Attorney

If you did not have a word with your attorney in this matter, it is probably time to do so before accepting the plea bargain. Generally, criminal attorneys are familiar with the legalities and procedures. An experienced attorney can help you determine whether the plea bargain is worth accepting or not.

Regardless of your personal experience, it is very important to take professional advice on such matters. They would know the latest trends in prosecution and possible sentences. Moreover, an attorney could also analyze everything that is working against you to determine your best possible options.

#2: Is The Offer A Real Plea Bargain?

The role of a prosecutor is to get maximum cases sorted in the shortest period while getting convictions. Public defenders face the same situations– they want to complete cases as soon as possible.

As a result, prosecutors and public defenders choose to negotiate pleas and push their case faster through the system, regardless of how the case would fare in a trial. It is here that you need an experienced and skilled attorney to handle the case. Without legal advice, you may come under pressure and take unnecessary action.

#3: Is It The Best Offer?

Given the amount of tension a person undergoes in the course of criminal prosecution, it may seem easier to grab any possible offer to end the suffering. However, remember, the prosecutor is not family or a friend. They don’t have any personal interests.

An attorney would try to convince you that whatever action he takes is in the best interest of the client, or you. They may even try to prove that if you do not accept the bargain you may have to face a harsh penalty.

However, plea bargains are also a way to sort out cases when there is flimsy evidence against you and you mostly likely would lose the case if it went to court.

Irrespective of the reason, always remember that an attorney is neither a friend nor a legal advocate. The law does not require them to make a decision. Prosecutors work for the government and represent their state.

Make sure you analyze the offer. It should be in your best interest and deliver the outcomes you seek. After all, criminal cases could have many consequences beyond conviction. It may even affect the ability of a person to land a job, court fees and state fines as an expenditure, jumping through probation, and much more.

Criminal prosecution is not easy; it’s often scary. Make smart and educated decisions.

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