Why Your Next Company Investment Should Go Towards a Live Event

Every year some of the world’s biggest companies invest millions of dollars into hosting events. Why? because time after time events have proven to be one of the best ways to network with potential leads and increase the brand value of your company. Companies also understand the power of having face to face interactions with their customers and utilizing those interactions with future digital follow-ups. In fact, millennials, the country’s largest workforce, increasingly look forward to experiencing a company’s service or product rather than simply reading it online. With this said, we believe that any company small or large can benefit from being a Headliner through their own company event in order to obtain more customers. Here are some of the reasons why your next investment should go toward hosting an event.

Positive Poll Numbers for Live Events

In a recent poll conducted by Bizzabo, data showed that introducing your demographic to your products or service via a live event is the best route for business. The act of hosting a live event attracts prospects that may otherwise not have known about your company if it wasn’t for media coverage or outside venue advertisement.

You Can See Your Event ROI Live

It wasn’t too long ago that when a business event occurred you really didn’t have any tools to measure the success of it, however, thanks to advancements in technology a company can see in real time their online orders, newsletters sign-ups and new customer acquisitions before the event even finished.

Live Events Aren’t Going Anywhere

Online marketing is great, however, if a company has any shot at really connecting with their customers, a live event is truly the only way. In the age of social media, people hardly have the chance to test out products or experience the customer service of a company. For small businesses, a live event is a sure fire way to reach thousands of people and ad a level of professionalism and legitimacy to your company name.

People Want to Be Part of Something

Although we’re connected more today than ever in history, people have actually increasingly felt more alone. Creating an event where your base can meet with like-minded individuals while enjoying your products or service allows you to build a strong community that will not only purchase from you but also recommends your products to their friends.

The Experience

It’s often said that if you want to be successful, do what successful people do. One only has to research a little into how much companies are shelling out for their live events, in particular in creating an experience for their attendees to understand that live events are the way to go in the current market. As stated, these companies aren’t merely renting venues and hiring a DJ, to truly connect with your attendees an incredible experience must be formulated. For example, certain tech companies host weekend-long festivals that include camping and live music in order to create an atmosphere of hospitality and warmth.

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