Things to Do After Entrusting an Employee to Take a Leadership Role

You don’t easily assign a task to an employee. You want someone who can do the project well. The outcome will reflect on you as a leader. If you didn’t choose someone who can do the job correctly, it could fail. These terrible results could harm your ability to manage your team.

The problem is that after you entrust responsibility to someone, you’re still micromanaging. You worry that things won’t turn out the way you want. It’s useless to let someone do the job when you’re still doing the heavy lifting. These are the things you should do after assigning a leadership role to someone.

Provide details

Explain the responsibility and the outcome you expect to see. Provide the deadline to help the employee manage the time. You can also ask the other employees to join the team and help out. Once you already gave the detailed instruction, the team can start working.

Ask for a follow-up report

It also helps if you ask for a follow-up report instead of constantly looking after the task. It might discourage everyone from working hard. The team knows that you still call all the shots and you’re essentially doing all the tasks. You will know the progress of the job based on the reports given to you.

Ask the other members of the team for updates

You don’t have to talk to the same person for updates. You may communicate with the other members of the team too since they can give you honest responses. If the project isn’t going well, they will tell you the truth. They can even offer suggestions. You will have a better picture if you ask different people for updates.

Encourage the team

The best role you can take is being a cheerleader. The team needs someone who believes in them. If you’re always hesitant or you keep questioning the team, you’re not helping. You have to show that you see a good outcome. You know that there are some necessary improvements, but you can’t keep reprimanding everyone. Instead of working harder, you prevent people from doing the job well.

Assess the results

Once the project is over, you can sit with the person you assigned to do the job and evaluate the results. Don’t make it look like you want to point fingers if things didn’t turn out well. You want to use it as an opportunity to bank on the strengths for future projects. You also want to identify the weaknesses that still have a chance for improvement.

For instance, if you want to organise a fun activity, you can host a fairground hire. Although you can hire a firm to do this job, you still need someone in your team to lead the process. Since it’s a big project that will potentially involve all the employees, it could place immense pressure on the chosen leader. Show your support and hope for the best results.

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