Texas Wants a More Secure City for their people

In the recent months many rumors have arisen within the state of Texas claiming to approve defensive driving courses for every citizen that is living in the state. Citizens and habitants from the state want to increase the security and safeness of every person regardless of the county, town or city from the state of Texas. The government has heard and approved the people’s desires to implement a defense driving course that every person will have to complete to drive within the state. Therefore, Texas approved defensive driving courses.

This defensive driving course will help saving lives, time and money since it is a course that will help every person in reducing a risk collision, assure clear distance with other vehicles and most importantly the two-second rule that will indicate the minimum distance that a vehicle must have with the nearest vehicle to avoid a car accident. It will also include other specific driving techniques that are useful for a better driving.

The driving course is unique a beneficial since many have stated that the techniques that are shown on the course are new and are not taught on the drivers licensing test because in the licensing test only general rules are taught and seen and it does not include other specific and necessary ones that are essential while driving. Fortunately, with the defensive driving course all driving tactics and techniques that were not taught on previous exams will be taught and everyone will have the chance to acquire them for a better implementation on the roads.

The purpose of the state of Texas of allowing this course is to improve and implement the safeness of school areas, (in which many children and parents walk every day in order to go to school) transportation, (which forces every bus driver to drive safely for the good of every individual) and to reduce car accidents in any area of the state since the car accidents have increased in the last few years. The government however, has put more attention on school areas since the minors are at risk at every single moment when they cross the street or when their parents are taking them to school. The focus on children has increased the awareness of everyone; hence it is important to protect them by taking the driving course.

Also, the course is intended to instill confidence in all drivers and it will help every individual on preparing to manage stress on the roads as well as to feel safe, reliable and comfortable on the road. Some people even recommend taking the course before starting the drivers licensing test since it offers more techniques and it prepares the driver to gain a better understanding of the responsibility of driving well. The rest of the states should implement this defensive driving course since we all want to have security and safeness in our daily paths all with the purpose of having not just a better driving state but a better driving country.



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