Does a conservatory need planning permission?

A conservatory can be a wonderful addition to your home, giving you more space, allowing you to enjoy light and sunshine even in the winter months, and not to mention adding to the overall value of your property.

With a stagnant property market, adding space to your existing home is often a very attractive thought for homeowners. And while full-on double storey extensions can be hugely expensive, as well as potentially hard to secure with planning permission, a conservatory is a relatively cost-effective way to add extra room to your property, as this article shows.

Planning confusion

Many people are hesitant about building a conservatory, as there is still much confusion around whether building this kind of structure needs formal planning permission. The good news when it comes to conservatories is that they do not always need planning permission. Finding and working with a reputable contractor is the first step here, as they will be able to advise you on exactly what kind of permission, if any, you need. There is a range of specialist contractors around the country for conservatories Gloucester, for example, has many to choose from.

Basic rules

The following general rules apply to conservatories and planning permission. Up until the 30 May 2019, under the neighbour consultation scheme, providing it meets the following, planning permission is not required:

• That not more than half the land around the original house is going to be covered. Original house means the property as it was first built.
• That the conservatory is not beyond the principal or side elevation and is not higher than the roof.
• The conservatory must not go beyond the rear boundary of the original house by three metres for semi-attached and terraced houses and four metres for detached.
• The conservatory must not be more than four metres high and not more than half the width of the original house.

As this shows, it is certainly possible to build an extension without having to get planning permission. It is vital that you take advice from an experienced contractor for conservatories Gloucester has a wealth of organisations to choose from alone.

Working with a trusted partner will allow you to create a stylish conservatory to give your property the extra space and light you require.

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