Benefits of a Mansard Loft Conversion

If you are looking to get more use out of your attic or loft, mansard loft conversions are the way to go because they can offer more headroom than any other type of conversion. If you are considering a loft conversion, it is probably because you want another bathroom, bedroom, playroom, office or lounge. The extra roof area can be added through a mansard loft conversion without the use of more masonry, making it a practical and stylish addition.

What is Involved in a Mansard Loft Conversion?

When you go with a mansard loft conversion, the roof will be opened up to have three sides instead of the usual two. A great deal of exterior work may have to be put in because of the changes made in the pitch of the roof. Therefore, you should plan for some extra construction, as compared to basic conversion. You should also decide if you are ready for the additional expense and time it may require.

The good thing about mansard loft conversions is that they are suitable for most types of properties, which include detached and semi-detached houses, bungalows and terraced houses. Some benefits of Mansard loft conversion include:

  • This conversion doesn’t require much when it comes to structural reinforcements.
  • Mansard lofts are quite versatile.
  • As compared to lofts that have slanted roofs, mansard loft conversions have straight walls that makes it easy to furnish them.
  • There are dormer windows in a mansard loft, which is an excellent way of getting more light into your new loft.

As far as the cost of the mansard loft conversion are concerned, they can depend on the size and type of your property. You should be prepared to spend more than a standard loft conversion because a lot of modifications have to be made to the roof.

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