When Is It Time to Replace Your Windows?

As homes age, there will be more and more signs that certain things require maintenance or replacement. In some cases, these signs can be difficult to notice. When it comes to the windows of your home, it’s usually not that difficult. To tell if you need residential window replacement cape coral fl performed, here are some things you should keep an eye out for as a homeowner:

High Energy Bills

As windows age, they are not as able to control the temperature in your home as well. This can cause a drastic increase in energy bills over time. Windows with draft can cause energy bills to be up to 25% higher than newer windows. There are different factors to consider when replacing your windows depending on your location and the climate. Newer windows can be designed to fit your needs and keep the weather out. As a bonus, energy efficient windows through the Energy Star program may offer discounts and tax benefits for your purchase that can save you money and help the windows start paying for themselves quicker.

Damaged Windows

There are some signs that can be seen with the naked eye when it comes to judging replacing your windows. In some cases, minor problems can be repaired with new hardware or weather stripping. If the window is warped or broken, you may not have a choice but to replace it. Even if the window still seems to function, it could be costing you a lot of money on your energy bill and even be inviting problems like mold or infestations from outside. There are also dangers to the residents in your household as well if your windows are broken. If it won’t stay open without being propped, a child could easily hurt themselves it if shuts u8nexpectedly.

They’re Ugly
When it comes time to replace your windows, it might just be due to the fact that you don’t like the way that they look anymore. Worn windows can age your home dramatically even if the rest of it is in great shape. Even if they are functioning well, they could severely impact the curb appeal of your home which is especially problematic if you are considering putting it up on the market any time soon. Windows are now available in many different styles that can be chosen to fit the look that you are going for.


If your home has experienced a break-in or survived severe weather, there is a good chance that your windows were damaged in the process. When it comes to break-ins, there are windows available that are much harder to be tampered with or broken. If a criminal knows that it will be difficult to get into your home, there is a good chance that they will pass it up as a target for their crimes. After a storm, it’s reassuring to know that windows can be purchased that are better able to hold up to severe weather.

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