Various Types of Commercial and Industrial Scales

Industrial scales are an integral part of any business or industry. They help in providing the precise measurement, count and weight of various goods. Weighing scale manufacturers develop industrial-sized scales for use in multiple industries. Here are some of the types commonly used in businesses.

Jewelry scale

Jewelry shops use this type of scale to weigh different pieces of jewelry. They rely on the numbers showed by the digital weight indicator on the screen to tell them the exact weight in grams of their jewelry. It allows them to price their goods according to their weight. Jewelers also use this scale to weigh precious and semi-precious stones that are still in their pure form.

Counting scale

It is a weighing and a counting scale. If the weight of a single unit made up of numerous pieces is known, this scale is then utilized to count the portions of the unit precisely. There is no need for human intervention in the counting process, as it takes more time to do so.

Bench scale

A bench scale is a medium-sized scale used for weighing smaller objects such as parcels, food items, etc. you can place it on top of a table or a bench, hence the name of the scale. It can measure anywhere from a few grams to several tons, depending on the industry using it.

Platform scale

You can commonly use platform scales in airports. You use one to weigh your luggage. Other industries also use platform scales for different purposes that they deem necessary.


A weighbridge is a scale of epic proportions. It can measure heavy equipment and huge vehicles precisely. You can see them on the shoulders of the road. If you wish to weigh your truck, you can pull up to a weighbridge and get the exact weight of your vehicle.

Forklift truck scale

It is a truck equipped with a forklift scale. Industries that use this type of scale are manufacturing, airline and cargo industries, among others. The forklift used in lifting crates and other heavy loads has a scale incorporated into it. Once it raises the load, it automatically provides the weight of the said load. It is very useful in businesses because they do not need to carry the load onto a weighing scale and then require the forklift to transport it to another area in the warehouse.

Precision scale

Medical laboratories and similar industries that require precision weighing of as little as .001 grams use precision scales. Manufacturers of this type of scale designed them with accuracy and precision in mind, hence the name. The precision scale comes in different forms, such as a bench scale, platform scale and the like, depending on the use.

These industrial scales are a big help to commerce and industry. In the coming years, more developments of existing scales and inventions of new ones will emerge as a result of the rapid pace in technological development. We will see more modern types of scales in the coming years.


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