Modern Day Christian Churches and Belief

The United States still considers itself a Christian based nation though fewer people believe in God or go to church. While Christian values and the Christian lifestyle is in decline within the U.S., people continue to find some meaning with church. The following material will describe how modern churches are faring in America today and what people really believe about the Christian faith.

The Troubling Decline of The American Church

Churches are no longer growing today like they did in the past. Once again, the American culture is Christian on the surface, but they no longer feel the need to prove it through their actions. The church does not hold a lot of meaning for people in modern times. While a few people still attend church on a regular basis, many more people do not come at all.

Remember, God and Jesus are no longer prime in people’s lives though they claim the Christian label. Since the belief in Christ has waned among American people, this lack of belief has caused many to stop going to church services. As a result, church services are now in decline and the American church is no longer the cultural force that it was just 20 years ago. But there are still Fort Worth TX Community Church that values church attendance and practices.

Churches Must Evangelize or They Will Eventually Die Off

Spiritual growth in America was very strong around 50 years ago. Today, that is not the case. The Thomas S. Rainer website states that there has been a mass separation of people from Christianity. Once again, many people are Christians in name only but not necessarily in practice. This trend is forcing many churches to evangelize to keep their doors open.

A new troubling trend has emerged in Christianity. People are no longer leaving one church just to attend another. They are leaving the faith all together. As result, churches now have to reach people who no longer view the church as relevant. This is a dangerous trend in the church because many churches had to close their doors due to lack of members. Evangelizing is extremely important. Churches that don’t evangelize with the truth of Christ will not survive in near future.

Christianity Is Irrelevant to Many Modern Americans

The church has its place in modern society. It has its purpose for events such as weddings, funerals and special engagements. Some people still go to church to find healing, correction and most importantly, salvation. However, the average person does not look at church like it is a benefit. They find it to be an okay place to visit but they honestly don’t believe that people need to attend church every Sunday.

Another troubling problem are modern day American Christians. While they do believe in Jesus, they are not living for Christ like they should. As a result, their church attendance has declined and their love for Christ has declined as well. Compromised Christians also help church attendance to decline because they are not fully living as they proclaim. Charisma Magazine points out the fact that compromised Christians and Christian irrelevance has also helped to weaken the modern American church.

A Final Word About Modern American Churches

The American church industry probably will not reach its former glory. There have been too many cultural shifts in values and belief for that to happen. While the church may never once again be the pillar it used to be within American society, people will still attend. People who are being led by the Holy Spirit will find meaning in Christ based churches. They will be the individuals that will help Christianity to hold its own in a culture that will view this belief system as irrelevant.

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