How do professionals perform crime scene cleanup?

Accidents and traumas are part of life but they are tragic and heartbreaking for people related with it. It is essential to clean and restore crime scene after the police have performed their routine work. Mostly crime scene includes blood, bodily fluids and toxic materials which are hazardous and contagious to human health. Specially trained professionals are required to deal with such harmful contents.

The victims and their family members are already in trauma and emotional stress and cannot deal with the cleaning up and disposing of biohazards materials in a safest way. Dealing with contagious and biohazards need special training, knowledge and proper equipment which are not available to everyone.

Many crimes are violent in nature and need professionals to perform the cleaning up of crime area while following state and federal protocols. The professionals are fully trained to focus on the process of cleanup, removal and bioremediation of contaminated area and restore the crime scene back to safe and livable. They provide guidance and help to official and military agencies.

Bio Pros 24/7 is a professional crime scene cleanup company which offer their services to families, clients and communities for various traumas such as suicides, murders, accidents, unattended deaths, hoarder cleaning and sanitation, infectious diseases outbreak like COVID19 and other biohazard situations. After police investigation, the crime area needs rapid response of professionals for bioremediation and they reach immediately to help minimize the disturbance to your property. They cater both residential and commercial properties.

Main aim of cleanup service providers is the safety of families, clients and workers themselves. The crime area contains bloodborne pathogens, infectious bacteria and harmful chemicals which poses serious health risks and other dangers. It becomes essential to respond rapidly and remove and disinfect the crime scene.

The professionals use personal protective equipment, cleaning products and disinfectants to bioremediation of pollutant and pathogens in atmosphere. They deal with residues of chemicals, fire extinguishers, finger print powder, tear gas, blood and bodily fluids and evidence gathering chemicals. These crime scenarios can bring intense emotions and affect vary badly a person dealing with it.

The professional staff at Bio Pros is trained, experienced and skilled to perform detailed cleaning procedure for property owner’s satisfaction and safety. They are dedicated, compassionate and have good stamina of working for long hours in unfavorable situations.

The professionals inspect the crime area and decide the biohazard cleanup plan. They start by taking safety measures by protecting themselves and another near cleanup site. They remove all infectious materials from site. They remove hazardous medical material and sent to licensed hazardous medical waste incinerator. They remove soiled fabrics from area. Everything non-hazardous materials are cleaned disinfected and sanitized if salvageable. After disinfecting, the place is deodorized. The structure inside and outside the area is restored to remove stains from trauma.

Bio Pros are state certified crime cleanup company and they respect the privacy of victims and their family members. They can help you and work with your insurance company to claim and refund the cleanup expenses.

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