Overlooked NES Games on Virtual Consoles

Since 2006 when the Nintendo Wii came to the market, there has been scores of retro games made available for downloading, which made gamers around the world go crazy! On this article, we look at some of the best NES games that you can now play on your Wii U, 3DS or even the first ever Wii.

Crash n’ the Boys Street Challenge

Did you know there is a track and field challenge game on the retro NES console? When River City Ransom came out, everyone went crazy over it saying this might be perhaps the best ever track and field game available on virtual consoles. But for us, the retro version of Crash n’ the Boys Street Challenge is by far the best! This game consists of five events that will have you and your friends fighting dirty to claim victory over rival high school teams.


When it comes down to brass tacks about vertical shooting games, some of the names frequently popping up in our heads would be 1942 and Xevious. If you are familiar with this genre of retro games, you might have heard of Zanac. If you haven’t, be sure to check it out! It is perhaps one of the best ever games that is both challenging and fast paced; you wouldn’t want to get off the couch till the last level is over. One of the biggest advantages of playing this game would be the fact that your thumbs will soon be trained to become so quick on the console; you might even be a gaming hero in no time!

Vs. Excitebike

Any serious gamer would have a liking toward retro games. And anyone who loves retro games would surely have come across vs. excitebike at least once. When the enhanced version finally hit virtual consoles, many gamers got to play this game for the first time. The game is super fun to play with friends and you can even build your own tracks with a more intuitive editor. Be sure to check this game if you are a racing game fan along with retro games.

Shadow of the Ninja

At a time when kids around the world are more interested in playing Shadow Fight 3 and other ninja games, most serious game lovers would have preferred Shadow of the Ninja. Parkour and slash your way to victory with this amazing 2D retro ninja game that is now available for most virtual consoles.


In the year 1984, an RPG came out in Japan named the Dragon Slayer. Over time, it came to be known as Faxnadu: Dragon Slayer II that NES players could finally enjoy. Retro game lovers are used to playing this side scrolling action RPG until blisters form on their thumbs. That is the kind of effect this mesmerizing game has on people! The unique visual art style, captivating plot and addictive gameplay makes this game something you should not miss playing in your lifetime and makes it perhaps one of the best games you can play on NES consoles.

Even though most or all of the above games were released long back – 80s and 90s aren’t that long back right? Most video game players still want to get their hands on these amazing games. If you are looking to sell video games online, look no further! You name it, we got it.


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