Understanding Rudraksha’s Power To Protect

Rudraksha is undoubtedly a treasure considering its benefits and outcomes for the wearer. But the real difficulty is finding the original Ek Mukhi Rudraksha. Rudraksha means the eyes of Lord Shiva or seems pleasant to the eyes of Lord Shiva. Ek Mukhi Rudraksha means 1 faced Rudraksha which is believed to have the highest level of power that protects you from all the evil forces around us. Being a popular and genuinely treasurable seed, it is getting hard to find the original Ek Mukhi Rudraksha. Salespeople tend to make fake Rudraksha for money and have created a flaw in the overall outcome of the godly gem.

Origin of the Ek Mukhi Rudraksha

The powerful Ek Mukhi Rudraksha is extracted from the Himalayas where Lord Shiva is known to have a divine presence. It is believed that these seeds are grown from a tree formed by the tears of Lord Shiva. Especially 1 faced Rudraksha is a rare occurrence and is very powerful in nature. It is capable of rendering health, wealth and fortune to the wearer. It is a piece of divine accessory that has superior effects on the wearer in terms of every aspect of life.

Sole protector from evil – Rudraksha

Wearing a Rudraksha seed, not only gives all the goodness and fortune but it also protects you from the evil eyes and forces around you. Even when black magic is inflicted on you, the Rudraksha is capable of protecting you from all the demons in this world. Wearing a natural extract from Lord Shiva that has a touch of spirituality bounds you from all the negativities and creates a positive aura around you.

Health benefits – Precious Seed

You might be astonished on how a basic seed might have an effect on health and several diseases. But it is proven to protect us from ill effects such as paralysis, stroke, etc. That is how effective its benefits are. It renders an immunity power to fight against dreadful diseases that might affect the overall health of a human being. It might seem magical, but it does have scientific reasons for its benefits.

No more fear of Black Magic

Certain people tend to inflict black magic on their rivals to bring down their fortune, health and wealth. And it is dangerous at times too. But Rudraksha is capable of protecting oneself from all the evil powers since it is a piece of Lord Shiva’s blessings. It comes in various types of seeds but the one faced Rudraksha is considered to be the most powerful one.

Mental wellbeing – Will Power and Concentration

Wearing Rudraksha boosts the will power and concentration of the wearer. For children and teenagers, it will enable them to study well and renders positivity and confidence throughout. So for the betterment of the child welfare, it is mandatory to make them wear the godlike gem regularly as a necessary accessory. Having a clear and bright mind is essential for leading a successful life. So this gem is significant.

There may be gems and stones that might have its history and benefits associated with it. But Rudraksha is the best of all due to its religious benefits and origin. Lord Shiva is the creator who is called the God of the Universe. Therefore the seed that originated from his tears and that appears pleasant to the Lord’s eyes is undoubtedly a seed to be preserved and worn throughout our existence. So get yourself the precious Rudraksha to avail all the goodness of this perfect jewelry or seed that comes straight from the trees in the Himalayas.


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