Pet Insurance Companies Paid Out Over £775m Last Year

Sick and poorly pets cost insurance companies a shocking £775m last year as worried owners across the UK made insurance claims at a rate of two claims each minute.

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Vet Bills

On average, vet bills have risen four percent to a single treatment cost of £757, with pet owners warned to look out for warning signs of injury and illnesses to reduce vet bills.

As vet fees are unregulated, vet bills are a complicated topic.

Each year the total cost of pet insurance claims increases by 10 percent. As the number of new treatments available increases, the trend for vet bills is to continue going up.

Pet Illnesses

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The biggest expenses for dog and cat owners were mouth problems, with claims for ulcers, wounds and abscesses rising 25 percent during 2016.

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However, claims for pet poisoning fell by 30 percent.

The nation’s dogs are most commonly treated for musculoskeletal problems and growths, whilst cats most often have gastrointestinal disorders and wounds.

For the treatment of cats:

15 percent of claims were for wounds
14 percent of claims were for gastrointestinal disorders
11 percent of claims were for cysts, warts, growths and tumours
6 percent of claims were for physical disorders and poisoning

For the treatment of dogs:

One in five claims were for warts, growths and tumours
19 percent of claims were for arthritis, ligament damage and lameness

The figures also showed that veterinary care is required at any age, as 9 percent of claims were for younger cats, and 13 percent for dogs aged five and under.

The analysis has emphasised the importance of pet insurance against injury and illness, as pet owners can be left with thousands of pounds in vet bills.

For invaluable peace of mind, comprehensive pet insurance ensures a vet appointment won’t cost you a fortune.

Many conditions are treated easily, so it is vital to get pets an appointment with a vet as soon as something appears to be wrong with your cherished member of the family.

However, treating pets more comprehensively continues to become easier, as well as managing a larger range of conditions. Because of this, the average veterinary bill continues to rise.

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